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In recent years, China's biscuit industry has developed rapidly, and its market potential can not be underestimated. However, as the market continues to grow, competition is also intensifying. The competition of domestic biscuit enterprises shows a clear homogenization trend. In product development, imitation is the main way, market competition are simple and extensive, which is lack of systematic planning and integrated use of superior resources. The biscuit industry urgently needs to open up a new market.

And, as the biscuit industry covers a wide range of areas and is rich in content, which fully possesses the potential market space to be tapped. After careful market research, Jiangshun Food found the relatively blank area of kid's biscuit market. According to relevant data, this market has taken shape as an independent market segment in the last three to five years because of its particularity. Cartoon biscuits are most sought after by children.

As far as biscuit consumers are concerned, children are an important part. They consume more frequently and consume more. In China, there are 380 million children under the age of 16, accounting for about 20% of the population. At present, the consumption of children in China has accounted for about 30% of the total household expenditure. The total monthly consumption of children aged 0-12 in China exceeds 3.5 billion yuan. Most of the consumption is for food, and the market potential is very good.

What we should pay attention to is that children's food market needs a professional marketing model that conforms to the characteristics of children. Children's purchasing consciousness is irrational, most of which are subconscious. From a psychological point of view, children's ideas are rich and colorful. They have strong acceptance of new things. They are greedy for a fresh and funny feeling when buying goods. The more novel and vivid the appearance, packaging design and color patterns of products are, the more attractive they can attract children's attention. Children are vulnerable to some external factors, especially the shape of products designed as children. Familiar animal images and products packaged with children's favorite cartoon characters can maximize children's intimacy and desire to buy.

Therefore, as far as biscuit products are concerned, cartoon biscuits are the most popular among children. In the existing biscuit market, such products are still relatively scarce, or just a simple combination of several cartoon patterns, not forming a real brand, Jiangshun Food keenly observed this point.

The implantation of cartoon image in biscuit products is a sharp weapon for Jiangshun Food to enter the children's biscuit market, opening a gorgeous prelude for the biscuit industry to enter the animation era. Jiangshun Food is a large-scale food enterprise mainly engaged in processing agricultural products. The Ministry of Agriculture has awarded the "TQM Standard Unit". It is the largest biscuit production enterprise in the Central Plains. There are 100 key enterprises in Henan Province, key leading enterprises in agricultural industrialization in Henan Province and excellent food enterprises in China.

As a leading company in China's animation industry, Hongmeng Cartoon has successively created a series of animation films, such as "The Seven Chivalrous Rabbits of Rainbow Cat", "The Adventures of Qiqie Ge", "The Cartoon World of Hongmeng", "The Story of Huazhi". Among them, "The Seven Chivalrous Rabbits of Rainbow Cat" has been broadcasted on nearly 600 TV stations, including CCTV Children's Station, ranking first in China's original cartoon ratings, at the age of 4-12. Among the target audience, 87% of the brand is well-known, breaking through the sales of 20 million animation books, ranking first in the sales of children's books.

The giants in the food industry have felt and predicted the impact of cartoon culture on children's food market. At present, Yili, Yake and other enterprises have introduced the image of Rainbow Cat Blue Rabbit into their new products, and have achieved good response in the market. The cooperation between Jiangshun Food and Hongmeng Cartoon can be said to be the pioneer of cooperation between biscuit industry and animation industry. This cooperation is not only a simple cartoon image authorization, but also a comprehensive integration of resources and brand alliance. Rainbow Cat Blue Rabbit, a well-known local cartoon image, will be fully integrated into the packaging, advertising and functional appeals of Jiangshun products, bringing unique personality to the products, adding added value to the products and enhancing the vitality of the products. When children taste the delicacy of Jiangshun children's biscuits, they can be brought into the rich and colorful cartoon world by Rainbow Cat Blue Rabbit to enhance their imagination, and at the same time, they can be infected with the positive enterprising, good at sharing, teamwork spirit advocated in the cartoon world, and set up a positive and positive correct point of view.

With the help of the influence of cartoon culture on children's consumers, Jiangshun children's biscuits have become a dazzling new star in the market in recent years.

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