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Cracker Biscuit as called water biscuits is a flat,dry baked food typically made with flour. In UK English, crackers are sometimes called water biscuits savoury biscuits or biscuits.

Crackers are often branded as a nutritious and convenient way to consume a staple food or cereal grain. 

Cracker Biscuit Feature: 

1.Crispy and delicious, made by high quality ingredients.
2. Cholesterol-Free, Gluten-Free, and Suitable for Vegetarians.
3. Orangutan Friendly Responsibly Sourced Palm Oil (RSPO).
4. All automatic production line, offer fast delivery.

Product  Type26g Salt Cheese Cracker Biscuit


Wheat   flour,Palm Oil, White sugar,Butter ,salt,Food additives


Crispy,Sweet,Halal Taste Nutrition,Health Snack
FlavorSesame,Shrimp,Potato ,Vegetable,Tomato,Chicken
Packaging26g*24pcs*12boxes/ Carton
CertificateISO9001, HACCP
Shelf Life18 Months

Nutrition Facts 


(Per 100g)

Energy Content       23 %

Protein Content       14%

Fat Content           9.8 %


1.   Please store it in a dry and cool place, avoid direct sun exposure

2. Eat the food as soon as possible after opening, to avoid moisture

OEM:1.Offer private label and packaging solution.
 2.Custom flavor, color and shape are available. 

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Cracker Biscuit

Cracker Biscuit

Cracker Biscuit

Cracker Biscuit

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